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Bar Stool -- 51A, 51B, 51C  
Bar Stool
51A, 51B, 51C
two unassembled:  $149.00
(51A, 18"H, 2 per box, 10 lbs.)
shipping:  $20.06

two unassembled:  $159.00
(51B (not shown), 24"H, 2 per box, 12.5 lbs.)
shipping:  $23.98

two unassembled:  $169.00
(51C, 30"H, 2 per box, 15 lbs.)
shipping:  $27.94

These classic bar stools provide simple and dependable seating wherever you need them. Available in 3 useful sizes (18", 24" & 36") these bar stools are sold in pairs (as we know you will need more than one).

Made of Northern White Cedar these rugged stools are sturdily constructed with mortise and tenon joints and are designed with legs which splay out slightly to make for secure seating.  You will find countless uses for the simple, yet convenient, bar stools.


      (info on cedar)
      (info on finish options)

All Cedar Furniture Outlet Products Feature:
. made from either clear Western Red
  Cedar or Northern White Cedar
. completely finish sanded to 100g
. all edges rounded-over with a router
. 100% fully guaranteed
. if not fully assembled  (in kit form):
    . all holes are pre-drilled
    . complete zinc-plated hardware is provided
    . all parts are precisely made and snug-fitting
    . assembly diagram and instructions included

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