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Futon Frame -- 48E  
Futon Frame
unassembled piece:  $339.00
shipping:  $101.69
dimensions:  83" x 32" x 33"
weight:  105 lbs. (3 pkgs.)
notes:  Comfortable seating that converts to a bed when needed.  (Mattress not included, but may be purchased separately - see below)

Space always seems to be at a premium.  With our Futon Frame and Futon Mattress (sold separately) you can quickly and easily transform an office or living room couch into a comfortable bed when the need arises.

Made of Northern White Cedar and sturdily constructed with mortise and tenon joints, our Futon Frame and Futon Mattress will provide many years of seating and sleeping comfort.

Futon Mattress Colors

      (info on cedar)
      (info on finish options)

The Futon Frame alone does not include the Futon Mattress, however we do offer the mattress separately.  The Futon Mattress is full sized and 8" thick.  It is composed of 91% blended cotton and 9% polyurethane foam, and comes with a full 5 year warranty.

The Futon Mattress is available in 8 colors:
Off White, Wine (Burgundy), Forest Green (Hunter Green), Smoke, Khaki, Navy, Black, and Denim (not shown)  (refer to color chart).

Futon Mattress
mattress, any color:  $199.00

8 color choices are available
please choose your color:
shipping:  $80.81
weight:  40 lbs.
notes:  See description at left.
All Cedar Furniture Outlet Products Feature:
. made from either clear Western Red
  Cedar or Northern White Cedar
. completely finish sanded to 100g
. all edges rounded-over with a router
. 100% fully guaranteed
. if not fully assembled  (in kit form):
    . all holes are pre-drilled
    . complete zinc-plated hardware is provided
    . all parts are precisely made and snug-fitting
    . assembly diagram and instructions included

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