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Herman Convertible Bench Table, two as picnic table -- HC2

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Herman Convertible Bench Table
HC1 or HC2
one assembled piece:  $229.00
HC1  (single unit)
shipping:  $49.65
unassembled kit:  N/A

two assembled pieces:  $439.00
HC2  (double unit)
shipping:  $95.30
unassembled kit:  N/A
dimensions:  seat  58.5"L x 13"W
back/table top  58.5"L x 16"W
weight:  80 lbs.

extension leaf  HCL:  $89.00
shipping:  $38.95

The Herman bench table is a unique piece of outdoor furniture.  It is capable of two modes of operation - as a bench, or as a table.  The secret is in the pivoting back.  In the down position, it acts as the back for a generously-sized bench  (as in the photo at right). However, you can pivot the back upwards and lock it into place to make a narrow table, with attached seating.  (Note:  In single table form these units are wheelchair accessible.)

If you have two of these bench table units, you can place them together (in table mode) to form a more conventional large picnic table, with attached seating (as in the photo above).  If even more table area is required, an extension leaf is available that adds an additional 16" to the table width.  (Dowels hold it in place, and brass latches come with the leaf for you to add.  The photo above shows the extension leaf in use.)


Herman Convertible Bench Table, as a bench -- HC1

      (info on cedar)
      (info on finish options)

For the greatest flexibility in meeting your outdoor furniture needs, the Herman convertible bench table is hard to beat.  Constructed with large dimensioned Western Red Cedar  (decay and insect resistant), these bench tables will give you many years of reliable service while satisfying a diverse range of outdoor furniture demands.  The bench table comes with a natural oil weather stain finish.

All Cedar Furniture Outlet Products Feature:
. made from either clear Western Red
  Cedar or Northern White Cedar
. completely finish sanded to 100g
. all edges rounded-over with a router
. 100% fully guaranteed
. if not fully assembled  (in kit form):
    . all holes are pre-drilled
    . complete zinc-plated hardware is provided
    . all parts are precisely made and snug-fitting
    . assembly diagram and instructions included

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