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Small Straight Bench -- 19A  
Small Straight Bench
unassembled:  $139.00
(2 per package)
shipping:  $23.20
dimensions:  24" x 18"
weight:  12 lbs.
notes:  A straightforward, sturdy 2ft bench.

Your basic log-style bench.  Sized to seat one, this bench can accompany nearly any of our tables - nicely fitting the smaller tables or placed at the ends of the larger tables.

Made of Northern White Cedar and sturdily constructed with mortise and tenon joints,this this bench is both insect and decay resistant.  Lightweight cedar makes these benches easy to move to wherever you need them.

Small Straight Bench in setting

      (info on cedar)
      (info on finish options)

All Cedar Furniture Outlet Products Feature:
. made from either clear Western Red
  Cedar or Northern White Cedar
. completely finish sanded to 100g
. all edges rounded-over with a router
. 100% fully guaranteed
. if not fully assembled  (in kit form):
    . all holes are pre-drilled
    . complete zinc-plated hardware is provided
    . all parts are precisely made and snug-fitting
    . assembly diagram and instructions included

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